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Private Court

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Private Court

A Realistic Setting for Effective Trial Preparation

Both technologically and logistically, The Private Court provides the perfect setting for conducting focus groups, mock and private trials, mediations, as well as binding and non-binding arbitrations. With a fully functional courtroom, jury room, and separate conference room, all fully equipped and wired for audio and video presentation and recoding, our facility provides both the formality of a courtroom setting and the technological tools needed to maximize the return on your investment.

Focus Groups and Mock Trials

Particularly in high value/high risk personal injury litigation, and cases involving technical, medical, or other complex issues, pre-trial and pre-litigation jury research can give you an invaluable advantage over the opposition. Any experienced trial attorney knows the feeling of waiting for a jury verdict and wondering: what evidence are the jurors focusing on? Did they understand the key evidence? What issues are most important to them? In The Private Court, insurers, litigants, attorneys, and other stakeholders can get answers to these questions before going to trial and even before filing suit, gaining a strategic advantage over the opposition.

The Private Court makes it possible for trial counsel to make a full trial presentation to one or more panels of jurors, and to then listen and observe the juries deliberate to verdict. Through this exercise, attorneys, litigants, and insurers, gain invaluable advance knowledge of the evidence, arguments, and issues jurors find most (and least) important about the case.

Unlike other focus group and jury research services, The Private Court staff is made up of seasoned trial attorneys and litigation paralegals who have real world jury trial experience. This gives us the unique ability to understand your case, enabling us to fashion a focus group or mock trial exercise that most effectively addresses the most important issues.

Mediation and Arbitration

With a courtroom complete with judge's bench, witness stand, counsel tables, and jury box, our facility provides the perfect forum for conducting mediations and arbitrations, particularly in multi-party and complex litigations matters. Effective case presentation is essential to a successful outcome in any alternative dispute resolution proceeding. Our facility provides the formal setting of a courtroom, ensuring the undivided attention of your audience and shows the opposition a preview of what they may face at a future trial.

Private Trials

In addition to mediation and arbitration, privately conducted jury and non-jury trials are gaining in popularity as an effective means of alternative dispute resolution. The private trial process provides a number of advantages over the public system. The parties themselves determine the trial schedule, so witnesses, experts, clients, and attorneys, all know weeks or months in advance when the actual trial will start. Jury empanelment is conducted well in advance of trial, minimizing actual trial time.

In addition to scheduling and logistics, the parties can agree on any number of rules to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of the process.

•  Out of state experts and other witnesses can appear by videoconference by agreement.

•  Testimony, documents, or the entire trial proceeding can be kept confidential by agreement,
   including the verdict itself. This is particularly important in cases involving sensitive personal
   information, business and proprietary information, and intellectual property.

•  Trial days can run from 9:00 to 5:00 or later, with shorter time allotted for lunch
   and other breaks.

•  The parties can set high-low award limits in advance of trial, similar to binding arbitrations,
   without losing the benefits of a jury trial.

•  Parties can agree on juror qualifications such as particularized knowledge, education,
   and experience.

For more discussion of the potential cost-saving and other benefits of private trials, See Richard Gabriel, Private trials: Avoiding the costs and delays of the courts, Lawyers USA Online, January 24, 2012.

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